I’ve been looking fairly recently at Pathfinder, a game system extremely close to Dungeons and Dragons, but with (in my opinion) a significant number of improvements.

It is 100% compatible with D&D 3.0 and 3.5, but just has some nice fixes here and there. (Stealth being a single attribute in 4.0 was done long ago in Pathfinder. Class progression is usually smoother. Balance is shifted around a little).

Anyway, putting up a link to Pathfinder’s SRD, in particular, those familiar with D&D should look at how they’ve improved the Arcane Archer, and Arcane Trickster.

Most impressive however to me, is how they have changed Sorcerer as Rob was saying. There is now actually a reason not to take a prestige class when you’re a sorcerer. Before, not multi-classing as a sorcerer was ALWAYS a disadvantage, without exception.

I think if I ever run any D&D games from now on, it’ll be Pathfinder as the base system.

The Ipad and GMing.

I just found a 3 part series on the new Ipad, and how it could be used for gaming, cutting down on the number of cumbersome laptops we currently have at any gaming table.

Well worth checking out, even if you’re a skeptic, and bear in mind. At the time of publishing, the Ipad is 6 days old. More apps are sure to arrive.