Judge Dredd RPG

It is the early 21st Century. Some five decades years after humanity’s worst nightmare came true. The world ripped itself to shreds in massive atomic warfare. Entire regions around the world have been laid waste, turned into radioactive badlands inhabited by the deformed, mutated and insane.

With governments and countries gone, already developing special police forces took over. Raising up huge walled and shielded Mega –Cities spreading over the ruins of dozens of conurbations. These special police forces became the Judges. Trained from childhood to be tough, incorruptible upholders of the law they fulfil the role of police officer, judge, jury and when needed, executioner on the mean streets of the 22nd century. The Judges also oversee and run most of the governmental and administration duties of cities.

This will be a one off game (perhaps taking more taking more than one session) for me to test the system and potential of the game. It will be set in Mega-City One – a vast metropolis which covers most of what was the Eastern Seaboard of the USA. A place where every one of the 400 million citizens is a potential lawbreaker.

All characters will be newly graduated cadet Judges, known as Rookies, who have just passed their first supervised patrols out on the mean streets of Mega-City one…for character creation please email me at Optimusnorm at gmail dot com and we can go over details.

Omar’s World of Darkness Campaign

Game System: World of Darkness.

Campaign setting: Chicago, 1986.
Campaign type: Mystery/Action.
Gamemaster/Dungeonmaster/Host: Omar
Title: Family Matters (Hey, usually I don’t actually make my titles known, that’s just what I called it in my notes. If I knew I was putting it online I’d have put some effort in.)
Plot: The players are (mostly) members of a jury overseeing a high profile murder case the press have dubbed “The Iron Man Killings”, where a woman was seemingly bludgeoned to death with a hot iron by her husband. The case seems cut and dry at first but more and more evidence comes to light that shows not everything is quite as it seems.
This is going to be a slightly dark introduction to the World of Darkness. You have supernatural elements that can be quite subtle or quite extreme. Vampires, Werewolves, Fae, the Spirit World, all exist in my campaigns, but these all exist in the background, away from the prying eyes of mortals.
The objective of the campaign is to give players an idea of the world they’re living in, and slowly immerse them in it, having them slowly uncover more and more of the World of Darkness, at which point the campaign will likely turn more active.