Family Matters on break

My game is done until my writer’s block goes away.

You have 1 year of in game downtime and 20XP to spend.

Everyone gets 1 point in Status Camarilla, and 1 point in resources (not you Neil), 1 point in contacts, and 1 point in haven.

Norman you can have a point in Auspex.
Bashar you can have a point in Majesty.
Neil you can have a point in any martial art skill.
Heidi, you can choose a martial art skill, or put a point in any discipline bar the custom one.

Will write a summary when I get reminded.

Session Summary for June 18th

Well, the meeting was certainly eventful.

As you’ll remember from last session, a very important meeting was taking place, and Sean (Bashar) effectively offered up his services, spotting an opportunity to promote his club as a place for all the top members of the elite in vampire society.

The session started well, security was bumped up, and everything seemed in order, with the exception of Frank (Norman), who decided to sit in the middle of the room staring at the walls.

Unbeknown to anyone else in the room, the reasoning behind this was that from his perspective, the walls were a seething mass of maws, claws and ungodly beasts. From everyone else’s perspective, who still saw the soft velvety walls of this “Gentleman’s Club”, he was a nutjob, confirming their earlier suspicions after gossip spread of his trip to a psychiatrist.

The Prince was in attendance, and sent for a package, which turned out to be the boy, emaciated and drained of much of his blood, which were now being kept in vials.

It turns out the boy is in possession of a power which allows him to pinpoint those with supernatural powers. This not only means he would have the ability to hunt down vampires, but also that he would have the ability to unite others of his kind with various powers against the vampires, and thus the decision was made to end him.

Patrick(Neil) took issue with this, and stood between the boy and what was in effect the entire Camarilla. Diplomatic as ever however, he did keep his swords sheathed.

Eventually, through some quick political maneuvering on the part of Alice (the Toreador Primogen), it was decided that Patrick would be the sole drinker of the boy’s blood. Which he did, though not killing him.

At this point before any more could befall the boy, the walls erupted, with the maws of Frank’s nightmares coming to life and besieging the club, snatching the boy, and escaping.

The only major casualty was Alice, the Primogen, who is now dead.

The werewolves who attacked were somehow all Logan, a single werewolf allied with a spirit called “Dadoti”. A name he originally used as his own.

As far as the Camarilla is concerned, this was a Werewolf attack on a Vampire safehouse.

Next game starts still in the club, directly after the attack.

Session Summary for May 28th and June 4th

Collating two sessions in one due to laziness, sickness and business. 🙂 Thankfully one is quite short.

The battle at the hospital commenced as expected. The party showed up to defend the boy or extricate him as required, and several Sabbat were recognized from the get go.

The party also identified a few hotspots quite quickly and moved to intercept them.

They managed to get in the hospital without being spotted by anyone important, with Sean making use of his earlier contacts, as well as befriending the security guards, and then things took a turn for the worse as the Sabbat plan was unveiled.

A Malkavian had taken over the psychiatric ward and was passing on the psychosis of the inmates randomly throughout the hospital, bringing pandemonium while his team acted to grab the boy.

Luckily Carly and Sean were there to keep the masses at bay while Frank dealt with the source of the problem. Unfortunately for Frank as he watched his adversary dodge the bullets he was gripped with the touch of madness which sent him reeling back into the shadows.

Getting somewhat of a grip on himself, he opened up the nearby cupboard of cleaning supplies, found some extremely flammable liquids and hurled a couple of gallons of it in the direction of the feared foe, setting him alight, disrupting his plans and causing him to abandon the hospital.

Meanwhile Patrick had turned into the human blender and was happily mowing down some of the Sabbat’s new recruits. That is until a particularly tough recruit decided to join the fray taking a massive chunk out of him, and Patrick’s blades having no impact on the creature’s reptillianesque skin.

Figuring there was more than one way of skinning a reptillianesque vampire beast from beyond reality’s veil however, Patrick grabbed his sword with one hand and rammed it down the throat of the snapping beast.

When he turned around however, the boy was missing, stolen away by a blonde woman.


The next session begun with the revelation that the boy was safe and well with Alexandra, and the party was given two weeks to “rest” and recuperate.

In that time they all decided to carry on with their own private projects.
Patrick continued establishing his Japanese connections within his business.
Carly went missing for several days.
Frank went to see a Vampire Psychiatrist for his newly acquired derangements.

Sean got to work properly establishing his “Gentlemen’s Club”, and set up a meeting with the Prince. The prince took this as an opportunity to see the entire group and looked kindly on their work so far.

The party noticed that out of everyone, Carly was being treated with the most respect in the room by the prince. They also noticed that one of the guests was a banged up Gangrel, later shown to be the Gangrel primogen that was thought to be kidnapped earlier.

He also arranged to have a meeting at Sean’s club, both to celebrate the opening, officially recognize it, and give it Elysium status. It will also be a fairly important meeting by the sounds of things.

Session Summary 7th May

This week’s session finally saw the introduction of “TJ”.

TJ has been working for the Camarilla investigating the boy Scott Stallard, whose mother was murdered, and whose father killed himself in prison.

The Camarilla became suspicious of Tala, Teris, and the Sabbat’s involvement with the boy, and hired TJ to look further into the matter to determine why.

In the meantime, the Nosferatu also commissioned him to look into the work of Shane Stallard, the father, and to finish developing the work he started.

TJ, having lost his computer to Carly and Frank, was given some contact details and got in touch with them, explaining to the party his role, and why the Sabbat were after him.

Meanwhile Sean got a phone call from his contact, letting him know that the boy was to be kidnapped the next morning.

The party are currently at the hospital, waiting for the shit to hit the fan.

In other news:
Patrick Bateman’s company has just opened up it’s Japanese division, Newspaper articles will be discussing his new posting, and what this means for him personally.

DM handouts:
+1 dot (Merit: Status) Patrick.
+1 dot (Merit: Contact) Sean.

Session Summary 22nd of April

Today I realized that contrary to real life, splitting up doesn’t help a party accomplish things faster. In real life, you can split a party, and each member can do something.

In a game, the progress is only made as fast as the DM can describe each sequence of events.

Followed our new Gangrel friend and found out that the next target is in fact the boy. He doesn’t know why or how, but he will contact the party when he discovers more.

Now knows at least a meeting point for our Sabbat Saboteurs, and managed to wipe the floor with a similarly super-speeded melee specialist.

Frank Callahan, and Carly Moreno:
Have discovered some electrical schematics in the hands of “TJ”‘s ghoul. They also discovered that they are clearly not the only ones looking for them. They also took “TJ”‘s computer with them when they left.

Session for the Week. 18th to 24th April 2010.

Ok, looks like I’m DMing the next two sessions.

Date: Thursday 22nd of April.
Location: Neil’s place.
Time: 8:15PM to midnightishesque.
Game: Family Matters (My World of Darkness Campaign)
DM/GM/Host: Omar

New Player: Salman.
Salman will in theory be joining on the 22nd, I have an idea where to put him.

Put down suggestions for what we’re ordering below and maybe we can save some time ordering too.

Session Summary 15th April

Todays session didn’t progress too much.

The players interrogated a Gangrel who was otherwise quite willing to help them without it. They have now discovered a group within the Camarilla allied with the Sabbat (a rival vampire group).

They have been told that the next target in a series will be at a hospital.

They have a reference to someone who may be able to help them with the Sabbat problem called TJ.

Possible new player: Salman

Another possible player from comedy and acting, he’ll be joining one session of World of Darkness just to try it out, no commitment other than that. He’s in Pygmalion with me, so has some acting chops which should please some of you (You specifically, yeah you know who I mean. No, not… on the left, yeah, that one).

He’s also in my improv group so should be perfect for roleplaying. Fairly nice guy. Seems like he’d gel well with current group. First reaction to “Vampire game” was “Sounds cool… wait, it’s not that twilight crap is it” which is pretty much the perfect attitude to have. 🙂