Judge Dredd RPG

It is the early 21st Century. Some five decades years after humanity’s worst nightmare came true. The world ripped itself to shreds in massive atomic warfare. Entire regions around the world have been laid waste, turned into radioactive badlands inhabited by the deformed, mutated and insane.

With governments and countries gone, already developing special police forces took over. Raising up huge walled and shielded Mega –Cities spreading over the ruins of dozens of conurbations. These special police forces became the Judges. Trained from childhood to be tough, incorruptible upholders of the law they fulfil the role of police officer, judge, jury and when needed, executioner on the mean streets of the 22nd century. The Judges also oversee and run most of the governmental and administration duties of cities.

This will be a one off game (perhaps taking more taking more than one session) for me to test the system and potential of the game. It will be set in Mega-City One – a vast metropolis which covers most of what was the Eastern Seaboard of the USA. A place where every one of the 400 million citizens is a potential lawbreaker.

All characters will be newly graduated cadet Judges, known as Rookies, who have just passed their first supervised patrols out on the mean streets of Mega-City one…for character creation please email me at Optimusnorm at gmail dot com and we can go over details.

Session for the Week. 25th of April to 1st of May 2010.

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

We have no plans for a game this week. Again we have complete radio silence with occasional telephone calls and texts I get asking when/where/if the game is occurring.

We have at least 2 options.
1) I can DM/GM/Host if necessary. I’d rather do something than nothing. I can do so on any of the 3 days we usually game.

2) Ironman 2. Probably Thursday night. I’ll need confirmation on this pretty fast if we’re going to get tickets.

3) Someone else can do something (Fringe game? Dragonwraith (Skip’s) game? WH40K? DND4.0 one off? Bashar attempting to DM something to get his DMing wings? I can DM a one off freeform session just to try it out? I can try a Pathfinder game?)

4) Something else?

Also if you’re thinking of starting a game, put it up somewhere. Talking about it in person just doesn’t seem to work.

Session Summary 22nd of April

Today I realized that contrary to real life, splitting up doesn’t help a party accomplish things faster. In real life, you can split a party, and each member can do something.

In a game, the progress is only made as fast as the DM can describe each sequence of events.

Followed our new Gangrel friend and found out that the next target is in fact the boy. He doesn’t know why or how, but he will contact the party when he discovers more.

Now knows at least a meeting point for our Sabbat Saboteurs, and managed to wipe the floor with a similarly super-speeded melee specialist.

Frank Callahan, and Carly Moreno:
Have discovered some electrical schematics in the hands of “TJ”‘s ghoul. They also discovered that they are clearly not the only ones looking for them. They also took “TJ”‘s computer with them when they left.


I’ve been looking fairly recently at Pathfinder, a game system extremely close to Dungeons and Dragons, but with (in my opinion) a significant number of improvements.

It is 100% compatible with D&D 3.0 and 3.5, but just has some nice fixes here and there. (Stealth being a single attribute in 4.0 was done long ago in Pathfinder. Class progression is usually smoother. Balance is shifted around a little).

Anyway, putting up a link to Pathfinder’s SRD, in particular, those familiar with D&D should look at how they’ve improved the Arcane Archer, and Arcane Trickster.

Most impressive however to me, is how they have changed Sorcerer as Rob was saying. There is now actually a reason not to take a prestige class when you’re a sorcerer. Before, not multi-classing as a sorcerer was ALWAYS a disadvantage, without exception.

I think if I ever run any D&D games from now on, it’ll be Pathfinder as the base system.

Session for the Week. 18th to 24th April 2010.

Ok, looks like I’m DMing the next two sessions.

Date: Thursday 22nd of April.
Location: Neil’s place.
Time: 8:15PM to midnightishesque.
Game: Family Matters (My World of Darkness Campaign)
DM/GM/Host: Omar

New Player: Salman.
Salman will in theory be joining on the 22nd, I have an idea where to put him.

Put down suggestions for what we’re ordering below and maybe we can save some time ordering too.

Session Summary 15th April

Todays session didn’t progress too much.

The players interrogated a Gangrel who was otherwise quite willing to help them without it. They have now discovered a group within the Camarilla allied with the Sabbat (a rival vampire group).

They have been told that the next target in a series will be at a hospital.

They have a reference to someone who may be able to help them with the Sabbat problem called TJ.

The Ipad and GMing.

I just found a 3 part series on the new Ipad, and how it could be used for gaming, cutting down on the number of cumbersome laptops we currently have at any gaming table.

Well worth checking out, even if you’re a skeptic, and bear in mind. At the time of publishing, the Ipad is 6 days old. More apps are sure to arrive.

Possible new player: Salman

Another possible player from comedy and acting, he’ll be joining one session of World of Darkness just to try it out, no commitment other than that. He’s in Pygmalion with me, so has some acting chops which should please some of you (You specifically, yeah you know who I mean. No, not… on the left, yeah, that one).

He’s also in my improv group so should be perfect for roleplaying. Fairly nice guy. Seems like he’d gel well with current group. First reaction to “Vampire game” was “Sounds cool… wait, it’s not that twilight crap is it” which is pretty much the perfect attitude to have. 🙂

Possible new player: Sabina

A girl from comedy class said she was interested in trying out roleplaying but never found a group before, so I tentatively invited her along. (Not on any specific date).

She’s a SciFi geek more than a fantasy geek, big into Star Wars. I told her a little bit about WH40K which she seemed interested in but I know Norm isn’t going to be doing that for a while. (On the other hand, she was going to be busy for a couple of months herself).
I think it would be good to raise the girl quota too (20% isn’t ideal), especially with someone who won’t end up DMing sessions of my little pony, or have us questing for shoes.