Session for the Week. 16th to 22nd May.

Date: Friday May 21st.
Location: Neil’s place.
Time: 4PM onwards
Game: Family Matters (My World of Darkness Campaign) or Judge Dredd game.
DM/GM/Host: Omar or Norman.

I’m capable of DMing a game no matter what, but I’d like more time to prepare the next session. So if Norm can’t DM, I will, if he can, lets do that.

Besides, then I get to smack more things with my Daystick. 🙂

Judge Dredd RPG First session overview

After recently graduating from 15 years at the Academy of Law the group of Rookie Judges (known as Rooks) were assigned to Sector 321 until the watchful eye of Tac Group Leader O’Reily. A few hours into their patrol they are called into to deal with a civilian riot which turns out to be an armed gang of juves terrorising an open market.
The Rooks show immediately what 15 years in the hardest training programme on earth is worth and put down the ringleaders of the gang and force a surrender of the remainders within a few minutes. Whilst they are sentencing and cuffing the perps to a holding post Judge O’Reily is called away to help with a block war in progress on the other side of the sector.

Whilst waiting for a Catch Wagon to pick up the gang Control calls in a ARV in progress two blocks away. The team are the closest Judges on hand and decide to respond to the call.

The ARV turns out to be a well armed gang from Davis Block holding up the famous Pure Greed Jewellery store in Munroe Block. Tensions have been running high between the two blocks since the opening of the Mega-Munroe mall which has brought a lot of jobs and new things to do for the bored citizens of Munroe block…making Davis block green with envy.

The gang, lead by Marko Shermer, take hostages and barricade themselves in the store. When the Judges arrive they are met with hails of gunfire but no one is hurt. Despite choosing to negotiate and even securing the release of two hostages the Rooks decide to move in (an calculated or uncalculated risk depending on how you see it!) Fortunately aside from several perp fatalities and injuries and minor scratches and scraps for one Judge the hostages are freed and the perps are arrested. The discovery of an explosive device results in a long sentence for the gang leader and reduced sentences for at least one gang member who aided the Rooks.

A nice quiet start to the morning shift in Mega City One!

Session Summary 7th May

This week’s session finally saw the introduction of “TJ”.

TJ has been working for the Camarilla investigating the boy Scott Stallard, whose mother was murdered, and whose father killed himself in prison.

The Camarilla became suspicious of Tala, Teris, and the Sabbat’s involvement with the boy, and hired TJ to look further into the matter to determine why.

In the meantime, the Nosferatu also commissioned him to look into the work of Shane Stallard, the father, and to finish developing the work he started.

TJ, having lost his computer to Carly and Frank, was given some contact details and got in touch with them, explaining to the party his role, and why the Sabbat were after him.

Meanwhile Sean got a phone call from his contact, letting him know that the boy was to be kidnapped the next morning.

The party are currently at the hospital, waiting for the shit to hit the fan.

In other news:
Patrick Bateman’s company has just opened up it’s Japanese division, Newspaper articles will be discussing his new posting, and what this means for him personally.

DM handouts:
+1 dot (Merit: Status) Patrick.
+1 dot (Merit: Contact) Sean.