The Enemy Within

After a long pause we picked up my Warhmammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign which has been running on and off for around a year now. We also welcomed a new player, Nancy to the group who we hope enjoyed the session and will become a regular member.
The game opened with the characters locked in a cell and not remembering much about how they got there. Being the inventive people they are they managed to escape and eventually found out they were being held by their old enemies, The Cult of the Purple Hand. With careful planning and team work they were able to defeat their captors and the re-inforcements sent to take them goodness knows where.
They are now on route to the town of Brokel for a much needed rest before continuing to the magestic city fortress of Middenheim to track down the last remaining member of the Von Wittgenstein family, Gotthard – and hopefully get some answers…

Family Matters on break

My game is done until my writer’s block goes away.

You have 1 year of in game downtime and 20XP to spend.

Everyone gets 1 point in Status Camarilla, and 1 point in resources (not you Neil), 1 point in contacts, and 1 point in haven.

Norman you can have a point in Auspex.
Bashar you can have a point in Majesty.
Neil you can have a point in any martial art skill.
Heidi, you can choose a martial art skill, or put a point in any discipline bar the custom one.

Will write a summary when I get reminded.