A Roleplaying Community?

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Gulf Roleplaying Blog!

 Here I’ll be updating games I’m playing across the UAE, and inviting DMs to make posts about games they’re currently enjoying. The theory being that it’ll show people reading the variety of games that are going on in the UAE (but are currently hidden away).

 For example, did you know we’ve been running Dark Heresy and and AD&D games in Abu Dhabi? Did you know there’s a Call of Cthulu game, a shadowrun game, an upcoming custom game based on a dream someone had in Dubai? Wasn’t that game of Twilight 3000 (nothing to do with vampires) we just finished playing great? Did you know I’m developing my own roleplaying system and want to run some games to test it out?

 Of course not. Why would you? Nobody is talking about them unless they come up to me in the street because I’m wearing a D&D themed shirt and tell me personally. So there’s an easy solution: We all go out and buy roleplay based shirts and wander the streets hoping to run in to each other.

 Some have come up with crazy ideas that’ll never work. Things like a website slash forum thingymajiggy, a blog (You’re on it), a twitter and a facebook group.

 I say we do the shirt thing… but if you want to go trying out your new fangled computer things you go ahead.

 – Omar

8 thoughts on “A Roleplaying Community?

  1. hello guys,
    my friend is still working on the custom game and its looking really exciting. In addition, i would like to join a shadowrun game that are available. thanks for your time

  2. Hi Shaheen. 🙂

    If there are enough requests I’ll be running a Shadowrun game in the near future (maybe next month). I’d like to do the lore justice if I end up running a proper campaign.

  3. Hey guys,
    Nice to see someone finally set something up for table top gamers. My group and I have been running short scenarios in D&D 3/3.5, Hero System and I’m planning a SLA Industries game sometime soon. I’m also putting together a long term 3.5 game that should be starting in a few weeks I hope.
    Shadowrun is a system I’ve been wanting to try for a long time, so if there’s room in that party please let me know.
    Take care and keep the dice rolling.


  4. Hi there,

    I’m a long-time GM and player, originally from England, now based in Dubai. I game with Cameo Mo (above)

    I started with Holmes edition D&D back in ’81. I have an extensive library of tabletop RPGs.

    These days I primarily use D&D3.5 and Hero System.

    I’ve had some small work published for Chivalry & Sorcery and HarnMaster.

    Other favourite systems include GURPS (3 & 4), Traveller (Classic, Mega, GURPS and Mongoose varieties), Runequest III/Glorantha. Though it’s not strictly an RPG, I also enjoy Car Wars.

    I work fairly anti-social hours, so finding the time to prep and run a game is a challenge. These days I mostly do one-offs.

    I’ve a website and blog here: The Penultimate HarnPage

  5. I am having so many problems creating a working link to my own website. Sigh.

    I’ll just put it in plain text: cut and paste to browser: http://www.penultimateharn.com/

    It’s odds and sods for roleplaying, with some stuff for HarnMaster and Hero System, a history section with various bits of medieval English agricultural history (including a calendar of what was done when, for those who want to add some realism to their games) and other hobby stuff.

  6. Hi,
    We met at the con. Been getting school work done. Glad to see you got something going. I’ve a number of board games if people want to get together to meet and see about forming a tabletop RPG group, or groups. Would be up for playing in almost any RPG. In the Abu Dhabi area (Al Reef/Shahama).

  7. Hey, I’m moving back to Dubai in a week or so. I’m up for any kind of RPG, although I wouldn’t mind running a Scion game if there’s any takers. That said, it’d be my first time DMing, so woo!

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