The Enemy Within

Our intrepid adventurers are continuing their journey north to the glorious regional capital of Middenheim – the City of the White Wolf. Things have not been going smoothly…

Despite being drugged and kidnapped by members of the Cult of the Purple Hand they managed to escape and make a few new allies on the way. After spending some time at an archery tourney they decided to listen to the pleas of a small group of peasants from the nearby village of Delberz who were begging for help in dealing with Beastman raids. Compassion and the fact that Delberz is on the way to Middenheim anyway caused them to take up the cause.

The adventurers soon found the Beastmen raids to anything but typical. A brief daylight incursion into the thick forest surrounding the village almost cost the life of one party member and that same evening the Beastmen displayed a level of tactical aptitude not usually seen in such fell creatures. This may be due in part to the Warrior of Chaos spotted by the adventurers directing the Beastmen attacks.

Despite the odds the party prevailed the first night’s attacks with two seriously injured and a the villagers encouraged by their courage and valour in the face of dire odds. However as the dust settles and the sun rises certain questions are coming to mind…how and why is a Warrior of Chaos leading a group of Beastmen just four or five days ride from the regional capital and why haven’t the local authorities done anything meaningful to help the good people of Delberz till now?

2 thoughts on “The Enemy Within

  1. Aha!

    I have some points about this game.

    1) XP?
    2) We had a redshirt with us when we arrived. I assume he helped barricade the Town Hall, and is currently inside with the farmers?
    3) One of the beastmen survived, he is in the Town Hall unconscious.
    4) I will be telling the Townspeople tales of my earlier adventures, and also throw in a couple of tales about Ranald. In particular making off hand remarks about how he brings good fortune and luck, but also that occasionally you know Ranald has been when 1/10th of your money is missing. It is a sign he has watched over you, and has taken his payment, and will watch over you again.

  2. 1)70xp for all.
    2)The Town watchman who was with you was injured when you all went into the forest but would have been in the Town Hall with you during the night attack.
    2) More than one Beastman survived (many were around -3 wounds, it’s concieveable a few lived) but you have one captive in the Town Hall…the few other survivors would have melted into the night with help from their comrades.
    4) That’s in game so remind me at the next session.

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