Session Summary 7th May

This week’s session finally saw the introduction of “TJ”.

TJ has been working for the Camarilla investigating the boy Scott Stallard, whose mother was murdered, and whose father killed himself in prison.

The Camarilla became suspicious of Tala, Teris, and the Sabbat’s involvement with the boy, and hired TJ to look further into the matter to determine why.

In the meantime, the Nosferatu also commissioned him to look into the work of Shane Stallard, the father, and to finish developing the work he started.

TJ, having lost his computer to Carly and Frank, was given some contact details and got in touch with them, explaining to the party his role, and why the Sabbat were after him.

Meanwhile Sean got a phone call from his contact, letting him know that the boy was to be kidnapped the next morning.

The party are currently at the hospital, waiting for the shit to hit the fan.

In other news:
Patrick Bateman’s company has just opened up it’s Japanese division, Newspaper articles will be discussing his new posting, and what this means for him personally.

DM handouts:
+1 dot (Merit: Status) Patrick.
+1 dot (Merit: Contact) Sean.

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  1. I’m assuming this week the game is at 4pm with it likely being Judge Dredd unless Omar has time to prepare for World of Darkness.

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