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PostPosted: Sun Jun 01, 2014 1:43 am 
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Pathfinder Society play has a couple of rewards that standard Pathfinder games don't.

Fame and Prestige Points are earned by fulfilling mission objectives for the society and your faction. Completing an adventure and your faction objectives (if any) usually brings you 2 Fame and 2 Prestige Points.

Fame and Pretige are earned at the same rate. Fame is never spent - in some ways, it's a record of all the Prestige you've ever earned. Fame governs the maximum you can spend on buying magic items (as covered in the free Pathfinder Society Guide to Organised Play).

Prestige is a little more fun. You can spend it to buy stuff. Some of the things you can buy are listed in the Pathfinder Society Guide to Organised Play. Others are in the Pathfinder Society Primer and the Pathfinder Society Field Guide, which you have to buy.

Most of the Prestige purchases in the free guide are insurance (you can buy resurrection if your character is killed, get ability damage healed, diseases removed, etc).

The Primer and the Field Guide open things up a little. It's all part of customising your character.

For example, my pompous rogue Calladan Destrada has, at the time of writing, 8 Prestige Points, having completed 4 adventures in which he fulfilled all his faction missons. What can he buy? Here's my wishlist:

A porter (5PP)
From the Pathfinder Society Field Guide, I find he can buy a porter to carry his stuff for 5 Prestige Points. This is pretty much Calladan to a T - and it has game advantages. Calladan isn't very strong, so carrying around his spy stuff and the pompous ass stuff he insists on having (he doesn't travel light, and noble clothing weighs 10lb) means he's often encumbered. This limits his ability to do the battlefield acrobatics he's good at.

Not only does a porter carry his stuff, leaving Calladan nimbly avoiding attacks of opportunity, he also gets a servant. That is so Calladan it's untrue.

I shall buy a porter. I will name him Peter. Peter the Porter. Calladan will love telling Peter what item of equipment he needs next. He's that kind of a rogue.

Porters are listed in the Pathfinder Society Field Guide.

A herald (1PP)
Calladan has already tried offering his calling card when visiting fellow nobles, with zero success thanks to snooty servants played by Tarek Fadel (aka Evil GM). Spending 1PP means Calladan will have someone to announce him at any social function he attends. So far, he hasn't been invited to any, and it carries absolutely no game mechanical advantage, but this is definitely the kind of rogue Calladan is.

Heralds are listed in the Pathfinder Society Field Guide.

Membership: Information Brokerage (6PP)
Not only does this fit Calladan's character concept down to the ground (the pompous ass thing is only partly true; he is pretty good at the spying game - as good as any 2nd level character has any right to be), it gives a game advantage: a +2 circumstance bonus to any Diplomacy check to gather information. Sweet. Also expensive. I can't afford both Peter the Porter and membership of an information brokerage yet. So an information borkerage goes on the wishlist.

Information brokerages appear in the Pathfinder Society Primer

Membership: The Restful Pathfinders Lounge (2PP)
A select group of Pathfinders have created a small club in Absalom where they can (a) have time well wasted in better surroundings than the standard cells the Society provides agents, (b) enjoy brandy and cigars in peace and quiet away from the Grand Lodge, avoiding the atention of venture-captains telling them they aren't busy enough. The game advantage to this - a full night's rest in 6 hours instead of 8 - may benefit a spellcaster in rare circumstances, but will have absolutely zero benefit for a rogue.

Nevertheless, this is high up the wishlist. Exclusive private club membership? The description uses the word "riffraff" in connection with the words "away from". Calladan's definitely that kind of rogue.

The restful Pathfinders Lounge appears in the Pathfinder Society Field Guide.

An Absalom Townhouse (15PP)
Calladan can't afford this yet - and, alas, being a minor scion of a minor noble house, he can't expect family support (no Pathfinder Society character is allowed to have wealthy connections that are anything more than pure background fluff) - but, yes, a place of his own is on his wishlist.

It does carry some in-game advantages, though they're likely to come up so infrequently that it's not really a concern. When Calladan can afford this, he'll have to choose which Absalom District his house is on (of course he'll choose the Petal District, that's where all the best families live), and in that district he'll get bonuses to Knowledge (local), Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate and Sense Motive. He's definitely that kind of rogue.

It's really expensive, though - it'll take 8 adventures, assuming he fulfills faction objectives, to earn this.

The Absalom Townhouse appears in the Pathfinder Society Field Guide.

A country estate (20PP)
10 aventures' worth of Prestige could buy Calladan a hice in the kentry. That would give him +2 on Knowledge (geography) and Survival in whatever nation his country estate is located in. But, of course, that's not why he wants it... He doesn't even have any skill points in those skills.

A seneschal (2PP)
A senschal will look after Calladan's properties while he's off on Society business, make sure his correspondence is up to date and so on. As a game advantage, the seneschal will also tend any wounds Calladan may bring home - but since you have to own property before you can even have a seneschal, I hope he's of sufficiently high level that he won't be short of a potion of healing or three by then.

The seneschal appears in the Pathfinder Society Field Guide.

Wayfinder Enchancements (varies)
There are all sorts of enhancements you can add to the not-so-humble Pathfinder Society wayfinder. Replacement spells (or additional spells for extra PP), identity security, decorations...

These are the things Calladan's interested in. Other options may suit your character better.

Remember that to buy such items in-game, you have to earn the prestige through play - and you have to give the session GM a copy of the book or a printout of the page it's listed on from a properly purchased Paizo document (not necessarily bought by you - someone who owns the PDF can print out the pages for you to hand in).

Pathfinder Society Venture-Captain (UAE)
Active games: Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords. Pathfinder Society games.

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