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Episode 0: Haunted Begginings

Our story begins in a vision.

The priest Hassan, a member of the Cult of the New God, one day awoke with a terrible nightmare. He had seen in his mind a terrible fate befalling the Cult and indeed all the inhabitants of the Northern Reaches originating from depths of the Desolation. The click-clack of clockwork, oil, blood and evil woven together to form a terrible nightmare which would sweep accross the land and consume all in it's path. He saw this with great clarity - a vision that he could not deny as it shook him to the bone.

He tried, for a full year to get his seniors to listen to him - but few paid him even an ear. For the man was old - and dementia was common amongst the humans of his age. He turned to the Matriarch, but found her unreachable behind the senior clergy that coveted her attention.

Finally, with nowhere to turn, he resolved to prove this himself. He sought the services of his Valet and faithful student, Cylene, to venture north to Neverfall and the Desolation. There, he begged her to seek tomb of the Gog prince Nevek-Khor, the halls of which he believed would hold the proof of his vision. Cylene departed to the Desolation at his behest, intent on finding the tomb there.

Hassan's impotence in his circles was no coincidence, you see. The priest had gathered many enemies over the years - both within and without the Cult of the New God. One of these enemies was a shadowy figure that approached in the night, bringing her to the edge of death - and then turning her into the very monstrous beings she had sworn to fight; a vampire. Her sire left her, converted and hungry in the middle a village.

Cylene's story would have ended there in blood and tears as she consumed the dezinens around her before being brought down - but a spark of her humanity remained, which in turn saw her gain control of her impulse and slink away into the shadows. Reconciling her faith was the first problem - for her very existence stood against two of those commandments.

The Cult would surely hunt her down to destroy her, if they found out. Fortunately, she knew Hassan would understand - and given the purpose he had given her, knew she could not stop now. Though she was a rebel, a horrid monstrosity, she kept her faith and trust in Astrid and the New God, intent on at least finishing her duty and gaining revenge on the vampire that had done this to her.

After a bit of searching, she found the vampire was an ancient figure known only as Maahes. She also found out that Maahes too, had enemies.

For you see, a young Salamander had emerged from the Desolation, searching in the territories of the Northern Reaches for the same vampire. This Salamander, known only as Rakan, was a powerful warrior from the Desolation, one that had dedicated his life to fighting the corruption of the Demon Lord, to drive back it's shadow from the world so that the sun might burn brightly upon those who would blight the land.

The initial meeting was tense, but through common purpose the pair grouped up to hunt down the elder Vampire and put an end to his existence. Through this, their journey took them through the edges of the Northern Reaches near the mountains south of Sixton.

It was around this time that news of the Emperor's fall reached the Northern Reaches. One of the consequences of this was the release or otherwise revolution of the many Orc slaves being held within the Empire - especially where they outnumbered or outclassed the local garrisons.

One of these Garrisons was south of Sixton, where a fighting pit held the Orc Bolg. A former musician turned pit fighter, Bolg was a fearsome figure whom dominated the arena fights for the three years he was held captive. He is a fearsome figure, seven feet tall, aggressive and covered in scars, he managed to earn quiet a living through his fighting before he eventually escaped once the revolution occured. He fled, becoming a refugee in the woods - which is where he encountered RSJ-9.

The Robotic Shepherd Juggernaught was once a human - a musician in his former life. Bits of that life remain as his soul was plucked out from the underworld to inhabit the body of the clockwork monstrosity that he now is. A giant, 10ft tall figure, his chassis was initially created for magical research and purposes, but was then repurposed for use as a poaching assistant in the woods south of Sixton. Coerced into purpose, he found his only friend in life was his pet squirrel, Poacher, whom helped keep him company in the long days.

Finally, he found freedom from the poachers when an Orc arrived at their camp. The poachers sought to capture the Orc, recognizing him and knowing they'd surely get a bounty for returning the prized pit fighter to the Empire. Bolg however, would not have this.

Bolg decided he would rather smash them then go back and started a fight. Seeing this as his shot for freedom, RSJ-9 helped Bolg defeat the poachers before joining the Orc as they fled into the woods to the east of the town. In a bit of serendipity, they came accross both Rakan and Cylene in their hunt for the vampire.

After a bit of a tense meeting they joined the party - Bolg for the excitement of potentially fighting a fully fleged vampire (which would bring him great glory) and RSJ-9 for a better purpose instead of roaming aimlessly. He took on the teachings of the Cult of the New God, becoming an evangalist as he emulated the faith that kept Cylene resolute even in the worst of her blood hunger.

The party went north of Sixton, following the vampire's trail - whom seemed to be heading back to the Desolation now, likely having accomplished whatever goal he had set out to do. On the way they came across a young girl, beset upon by a Fomor beastman intent on devouring her. They managed to get enough help to free the girl and speak to her.

The young girl's name was Claudi, a changeling that had fled from her human parents due to fear of being discovered. She was a refugee that had lived with the Fae for many years. Eventually though curiosity and an eagerness to learn had seen her come out into the mortal world, where she befriended a witch from whom she had been learning about the natural sciences and creatures of the Northern Reaches.

A few days ago there were reports of a strange figure at the edge of the village - one only made worse by the fact that the witch she was learning from, an old kind woman named Ethel, was found the next day, her body dead and completely drained the next day. Claudi wanted to find out what happened and was following the trial left behind by the creature when she was attacked by the Fomor.

When the party confirmed her story and told her of the Vampire they were hunting, she joined up - if only to get revenge. For Ethel was a kind, wise old woman - her death was unfortunate but also devastating as she was one of the few people that accepted Claudi for what she was.

With this, the party continued to trace the path of Maahes - whom was headed up north it seems through the old woods and to the border of the Desolation.

Their journey was interrupted however when a band of bandits ambushed them at the edges of the Old Wood, burning their caravan and forcing them to flee into the forest.

They must now survive to get to the town of Fletcher's rest to the north, where they may rendevouz with more allies and warn the town of the bandits. Wether they make it there, remains to be seen.

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