GRC e-Con Terms & Conditions

The Gulf Roleplaying Community is a diverse group of gamers from across the world. Presenters, gamesmasters, players, and participants should strive to contribute to a welcoming, friendly, respectful, and safe atmosphere for everyone. Presenters, gamesmasters, players, and participants should also be respectful of the laws, traditions, and customs of the United Arab Emirates. 

By registering in the GRC e-Con, all participants agree to the terms and conditions of participation for the online convention. Violations of the terms and conditions will be dealt with by the Gulf Roleplaying Community Committee and may result in exclusion from the GRC e-Con and future Gulf Roleplaying Community events.


Gamesmasters, players, and participants are asked to register for the GRC e-Con on Warhorn.

Online Games

All games during the GRC e-Con are listed on the GRC e-Con event schedule on Warhorn


If you wish to volunteer to be a Gamesmaster, please do so via this form. The final timing of your session/s will be confirmed with you by an organiser. Once timing has been settled, please regard that you have made a commitment to run the advertised gaming session at the time agreed. If you need to cancel a gaming session, please give as much notice as possible to organisers and players. If you cannot make this commitment, then please do not volunteer to gamesmaster and consider participating in the GRC e-Con in other capacities instead.


Players must register for games through Warhorn to reserve a seat in the game. Registering for a game session is a commitment that you will be available to play the game advertised at the listed time. Simply put, if you sign up, show up. If you realise that you will not be able to attend a gaming session then please cancel your registration for that session, giving as much notice as possible to the Gamesmaster, organisers and other players. This will allow your virtual seat to be opened for another player. If you do not register in advance, then during the GRC e-Con itself, only games with open slots will be available for you to join.

Game sessions are expected to start on time. It is understood that technical issues may result in a small delay. If, after 15 minutes after the nominated start time, you do not connect or are unable to connect to the game session’s identified platform/s, then your “seat” may be allocated to another player by the Gamesmaster or the organisers.


Gamesmasters must identify the platform/s used to facilitate online play in advance. This will be advertised on Warhorn. The identified platforms should be freely accessible to all players (i.e. players should not have to pay to use the platform to play). Gamesmasters are asked to test their identified platform/s with organisers in advance of the GRC e-Con. Beyond testing with the Gamesmaster in advance of the GRC e-Con, the organisers are unable to provide technical support for game sessions.


Gamesmasters and players alike are asked to ensure that the content of the game session is no more than “PG-13”, and to ensure the safety of all participants in their game session. Gamesmasters are encouraged to consider appropriate safety mechanisms for their game. If organisers are aware of the inclusion of inappropriate content in a game session, they reserve the right to take actions against the persons involved.


At their discretion and on their responsibility, Gamesmasters may choose to record and/or stream their game sessions. If they do so, they must clearly indicate this when they volunteer to run their session. If a game session has been nominated by the Gamesmaster as being recorded and/or streamed, then this will be clearly listed on the Warhorn listing. By registering for a game which is listed as potentially recorded and/or streamed on Warhorn, players give their permission to be recorded or streamed and waive all rights with respect to such recording/streaming.