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Main Page

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The Gulf Roleplaying Community (GRC) is an informal group of people who are into tabletop gaming in all its myriad forms, particularly tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and others. We stage three or four group events a year. Our headline event is at the Middle East Film and Comic Con in Dubai, and we run several minicons each year. Some of these are free; others we must charge for to cover the cost of the venue. Details are posted to our Facebook page.

We have an ad hoc steering committee. If you've been to one of our minicons or played with us at Comic Con you'll have met some or all of them. All the committee really does is try to organise events and make them cool. The committee is chosen, not elected; if we ever start asking you for money to be part of the GRC that may change.

Our Aims

  • Provide forums for people to find tabletop roleplayers, wargamers and boardgamers throughout the Gulf region.
  • Help organise Gulf-wide roleplaying events.
  • Do this for any gamer in the Arabian Gulf.

Joining the GRC

We have no formal membership. We welcome tabletop gamers of all stripes. Some of our members have been playing for many years, others have just started. Join our Facebook group, and we consider you one of us.

Upcoming Events

27 September 2019 in Dubai UAE