Gulf Roleplaying Community

Connecting tabletop roleplayers and gamers throughout the Arabian Gulf.

We have a very active Facebook group so please come and join us there.You'll find more information about us and about the kind of games we play on our Wiki, and you can join in the discussion on our forums.

Our goals

We aim to:


In addition to regular games hosted by our members, the Gulf Roleplaying Community stages several public events each year. We run free demonstration games at the Middle East Film and Comic Con, and hold several minicons a year.

Next events:

Middle East Film & Comic Con, Dubai World Trade Centre, April 7 to 9, 2016

The Gulf Roleplaying Community will have a major stand at the Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC), where we will be running free tabletop games including Pathfinder, D&D5 and RuneQuest 2 throughout the event. Two local games retailers - Abu Dhabi's Back2Games and Dubai's Geeky Lizard - will have games and accessories for sale at the same stand.

Though the GRC's games are free, MEFCC itself is a paid event. Three-day tickets cost Dh250 (Dh300 on the door); one-day passes cost Dh100 (Dh130 on the door). See the MEFCC website for further details.

GRC Abu Dhabi Minicon, Abu Dhabi Golf Club, May 20, 2016

The GRC's Abu Dhabi minicon will take place at Abu Dhabi Golf Club on May 20. This will be a ticketed event to pay for the venue. Ticket prices are yet to be announced. This will be a full day of dedicated tabletop gaming, a buffet lunch will be included, and members generally socialising in the bar at the golf club or at the neighbouring Westin hotel after the event. You may even like to stay at the Westin on the evening before and/or after the event; informal games often take place the evening after (and sometimes the morning after) the minicon. It's a great place to meet your fellow gamers both in game and socially.

Pathfinder Society

GRC members are involved in running the Pathfinder Society's UAE lodge. New players are always welcome to this global, shared-world campaign. Lodge-organised games are listed on the lodge website and on the Warhorn game management site.

Games usually take place on weekend afternoons at the Bean Machine coffee shop in Bay Avenue Mall, at Executive Towers, Business Bay, Dubai, and at Book & Bean in Ace hardware, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

Public venues

Public games give us a chance to socialise with fellow gamers as well as game.

Several games take place at the Bean Machine coffee shop in Bay Avenue Mall, at Executive Towers, Business Bay, Dubai. These include Pathfinder Society, the D&D Adventurers' Guild, wargames and Magic the Gathering. The Geeky Lizard games shop also has a small number of games for sale at Bean Machine.

Tabletop Cafe boardgamers meet at the Gloria Hotel every Tuesday evening and Saturday. Some roleplaying also takes place here. Tabletop Cafe has an active Facebook group.

The Battlezone games shop, in the Jumeirah Centre, Dubai, has an active wargaming and card gaming community, with a dedicated gaming area in the shop. You'll also find rules, miniatures, paints and other accessories for sale.

Many of our roleplaying game gamesmasters list their ongoing games on Obsidian Portal, a website devoted to campaign management. Obsidian Portal also features a map showing the location of games. Warhorn is another popular site.

Home games

A number of ongoing campaigns take place in private homes. You're welcome to recruit players for your own via our forums, the Facebook group or by coming down to the public events to meet people. These are also the best ways of getting into a private game.

Media coverage mentioned the GRC and interviewed chairman Omar Ismail in an article on the Middle East Film and Comic Con 2015 (published May 1 2015).

Jessica Hill, of The National newspaper, spent an evening roleplaying with GRC members and wrote an article about it (published November 7, 2013).

Andy Staples wrote an article about the GRC for the Gulf News newspaper (published February 26, 2013).