GRC in the Media

Friday explores the boom of role-playing games in the UAE

Welcome to the universe of tabletop role playing games – a geeky hobby whose popularity in the UAE is going through the roof. It’s a hobby that lets a journalist become a powerful sorceress armed with a quarterstaff, a dagger and cool runic tattoos for three hours. A hobby that allows you to do anything.

‘Well, not ‘anything’. Only if it makes sense in the world of the mythos,’ our Games Master Jérôme Devie says, pointing out what gamers call ‘the rule of cool’. I’ve joined him and six other members of the Gulf Role-Playing Community (GRC) at the Geeky Lizard – a gaming store in Jumeirah’s Al Ghazal mall.

They can be heroes

Defying geeky stereotypes, a healthy community of role-playing enthusiasts is flourishing in the UAE. Jessica Hill meets one prominent group’s members and finds that they are far from socially awkward.