GRC Virtual Con – 26-28 June 2020

Adventurers of all ages!

The Gulf Roleplaying Community will be holding its first online convention at the end of the month.

The GRC eCon will take place from Friday 26 June to Sunday 28 June.

We are issuing a call to arms for all GMs interested in running games at the con. As these games will be hosted online, we leave it to the GM’s discretion to choose a platform or VTT which they are most comfortable running on. The stipulation being that, whichever platform they choose must allow access to their players without the need to pay fees or membership charges.

This will be a chance for us to reconnect and game with GRC members and friends outside the UAE. We understand that one of the major challenges will be to accommodate people in different time zones. Therefore, we have chosen to spread the event across three days to allow everyone a chance to participate. The schedule of games and player sign-up will be posted once all the GMs have registered their games.

In addition to hosting games, the GRC eCon will also have a number of panel discussions with game designers and publishers, GMs, and other notable speakers covering a number of subjects on tabletop gaming. These panels will be announced soon, attendance is free though space may be limited.

So we call on all our brethren present and past; raise your virtual dice and join us. Let the bards sing our praise in the halls of GLORY!


GRC eCon Terms and Conditions – PLEASE READ


In addition to our online games, we are proud to host a number of panels with international guests from across the RPG industry and hobby! Panels will be hosted on Zoom. Our panel discussions are:

Art in Games, with Todd Lockwood – Friday June 26, 9pm UAE

A conversation with renowned artist, author, and fellow gamer Todd Lockwood.
As one of the most well recognized artists in the Fantasy and Science Fiction genre, Todd Lockwood’s iconic style breathed new life into the pages of 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons rule books, made R. A. Salvatore’s Drizzt Do’Urden as cool on the cover as he was in the pages, and dissected dragons for us.
Join us for an evening with someone who was instrumental in designing the look and feel of some of our favourite games.

All those wishing to attend must make sure they have the Zoom app installed on their device.

Please register for the session here:

Publishing Your Game – SATURDAY JUNE 27, 1PM UAE

Have your house rules gotten out of control? Do you have a home system which you’ve created because other games just don’t quite do what you want them to do? Have you thought about publishing your very own fantasy heartbreaker? Come hear from people who’ve done it! Join Jared Earle (SLA Industries), Steve Turner (Chivalry & Sorcery), Michael O’Brien (Chaosium), and GRC alumnus Christoffer Sevaldsen (Black Void) as they talk about the process of taking your dream and turning it into a published product!

Please register for the session here:

GM 101: Gamesmastering Foundations – saturday june 27, 3PM uae

Are you interested in running your own game, but not sure whether you’re ready? Are you a new GM just starting out who wants to hone their craft? In this panel discussion, a panel of experienced GMs will share their thoughts about starting out as a GM, and how to deal with a variety of common problems new GMs face. The session will be highly interactive with plenty of opportunities for questions from online attendees!

Please register for the session here:

Cartography – SATURDAY JUNE 27, 9PM UAE

Since the earliest days of the roleplaying hobby, maps of make-believe worlds have been indispensable play aids. From dungeons deep to starship deck plans, ancient cities to wild wastelands, extradimensional planes to alien empires, the worlds of our imagination have been brought to life by fabulous maps. In this panel discussion you will hear from the mapmakers whose creations bring our campaign settings to life. Cartographers Anna Meyer (The Southlands, Atlas of the Flanaess), Ralf Schemmann (ProFantasy Software), and Paco Garcia Jaen (GMS Magazine) talk map making and answer your questions about cartography!

Please register for the session here:

GM 201: Worldbuilding – SUNDAY JUNE 28, 3PM UAE

Are you wanting to take your party for adventures beyond the dungeon? Do you need help to bring your campaign setting to life? In this panel discussion, our panel of experienced GMs will share their thoughts about the different ways GMs can make their worlds come alive in play. Join Guy Sclanders of the “How to be a Great GM” YouTube Channel, Jason Hobbs of the “Hobbs and Friends” podcast, and Bahrain-based Kirsten Hofstad as they discuss different approaches to worldbuilding in your campaign.

Please register for the session here:

Old School Roleplaying

You may have heard the term “Old School” or “OSR” bandied about online or at the gaming table and wondered what it means. It doesn’t mean old games or old players per se – it is a movement which has produced some of the most exciting and innovative roleplaying games available today. Old school podcaster and GM Jason Hobbs (Hobbs and Friends) and game designer/artist Diogo Nogueria (Old Skull Publishing) join GRC OSR enthusiasts Andrew Marrington, Andy Staples, and moderator Nasser Al-Alawi to talk about rulings over rules, sandboxes, random tables, and high player character mortality rates! 

Please register for the session here:

GM Sign-Up

If you would like to GM for our eCon, please see details on the GRC Facebook group. GMs can use the virtual platform and VOIP software of their choice, but should be able to host players for free. If you use voice, please note that Discord can be problematic in the UAE, and we recommend having a backup VOIP service.