Family Matters on break

My game is done until my writer’s block goes away.

You have 1 year of in game downtime and 20XP to spend.

Everyone gets 1 point in Status Camarilla, and 1 point in resources (not you Neil), 1 point in contacts, and 1 point in haven.

Norman you can have a point in Auspex.
Bashar you can have a point in Majesty.
Neil you can have a point in any martial art skill.
Heidi, you can choose a martial art skill, or put a point in any discipline bar the custom one.

Will write a summary when I get reminded.

So I was going over some old notes…

I was going over my old notes today for Neil’s old Runequest campaign saying as we said we might be starting it up again.

I went through the village I designed for one thing, and tried to remember what all my equations were supposed to do and had some success. I’m thinking of adding in something that will generate facial features for all 400 villagers, but first I want a proper distribution map.

Anyway, that’s besides the point.

My point was, old notes. I thought you might like this:

I am hated by “The Hound”. His family hate me too. My family aren’t too pleased either.
Cover story: We’re searching for the “Destruction of Elaria” in Sarth.
I have a horse!
I have a Shiny Rock! It is shiny. Neil said I could keep it. I have big plans for the rock.
I speak Draconic! “Rawr *breathe fire* snort” means hello.
My horse died. 🙁
I gave away a book on runecasting. In retrospect, possibly should have kept it.
I have another horse! Not as big as the last one.
We met a dead elf named Lerithril. Tried to grab his sword before running. Didn’t work.
My new horse is now my new dead horse. It also has no front legs. Not moving as fast as she used to.
Condoin is a Lumean name. (Addendum: Who the hell is Condoin, and why have I written down his name?)
Got offered a horse. Decided not to bother this time.
Cercy is pretty. (Addendum: Who the hell are these people?!)
Horse got killed in fight outside. Probably the one I was going to buy.
I have a village! Must make sure to look after them better than the horses.
I’m building a school and stuff for the villagers.
Lady wants us to look for a werewolf-making belt.
I have a horse again! I got it at the end of the session, so it’s still alive. Still got my shiny rock though!

Not quite as good as my WH40K notes, which said nothing except “Note: Take better notes”.

Omar’s World of Darkness Campaign

Game System: World of Darkness.

Campaign setting: Chicago, 1986.
Campaign type: Mystery/Action.
Gamemaster/Dungeonmaster/Host: Omar
Title: Family Matters (Hey, usually I don’t actually make my titles known, that’s just what I called it in my notes. If I knew I was putting it online I’d have put some effort in.)
Plot: The players are (mostly) members of a jury overseeing a high profile murder case the press have dubbed “The Iron Man Killings”, where a woman was seemingly bludgeoned to death with a hot iron by her husband. The case seems cut and dry at first but more and more evidence comes to light that shows not everything is quite as it seems.
This is going to be a slightly dark introduction to the World of Darkness. You have supernatural elements that can be quite subtle or quite extreme. Vampires, Werewolves, Fae, the Spirit World, all exist in my campaigns, but these all exist in the background, away from the prying eyes of mortals.
The objective of the campaign is to give players an idea of the world they’re living in, and slowly immerse them in it, having them slowly uncover more and more of the World of Darkness, at which point the campaign will likely turn more active.